Civil Lawsuits

Disputes with others are an unfortunate part of life but, when a you are owed money or someone else claims you owe them money, those particular disputes are oftentimes best settled in a court of law. Whether you seek compensation for damage done to your property or someone claims you owe them money under a contract, CLG’s trail attorneys will fight to see that you get your day in court.

Common Civil Lawsuit Issues Include (but are not limited to):

• Breach of Contract
• Unpaid Debts
• Breach of Lease
• Property Damage
• Unpaid Wages/Compensation
• Fraud
• Civil Theft
• Bill Collection


Are you being harassed, stalked or threatened or is someone else accusing you of the same?  Whether your case involves an Order of Protection or maybe you just need a name change or a correction to a birth certificate, CLG is ready to assist you with your domestic law needs.

Common Domestic Issues Include (but are not limited to):

• Orders of Protection (both Prosecution and Defense)
• Name Changes
• Corrections to Birth Certificates
• Assigning Parental Rights/Guardianship
• Juvenile Orders of Protection

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